Sports betting was illegal in most states until the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA in 2018. Since then, states have introduced bills to legalize sports betting within their borders. This led to a plethora of mobile sportsbook apps hitting the market.

Major sports betting operators received licenses from state regulators and opened up for business in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, and many other states. As more states are legalizing sports betting, the US legal sportsbook market continues to grow. Legal US bookmakers offer sports betting websites to players using desktop and mobile devices alike, with HTML5 technology provides a high-end user experience across all devices.

For a complete mobile betting experience, many US bettors turn to legal sports betting apps, like DraftKings, Barstool, and PointsBet. You can download legal US sportsbook apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices.

You can find links to download these sportsbooks on our offers page. This has information, promotions, and comparison between the best sportsbook apps in your state and download the app directly without any hassle.

Our betting experts visited all the leading US sportsbooks and placed bets using the desktop and mobile browser client and the sportsbook native app to write this guide. Continue to read the findings and how the experiences compare. Why do some bettors prefer the sportsbook app experience?

Bettors around the world have been using mobile sportsbook apps to place their bets for many years. With the legalization of betting in the US, more American players are downloading betting apps to get the best betting experience. Let’s have a look and find out what benefits you’ll receive from legally installing a US legal sportsbook app.

Mobile Sportsbook Apps: Bet From Anywhere

As with every app, the first obvious advantage to mobile sportsbook apps is accessibility. Unlike desktop betting sites that tie you to your computer, mobile betting apps allow you to take the betting experience with you anywhere you go. While a laptop is still portable, nothing compares to having your sportsbook in your pocket. 

For example, let’s say you live in a state where FanDuel Sportsbook operates. In this case, you can download the FanDuel app to access pregame and live betting around the clock. It doesn’t matter if you are on the road or sleeping in your cabin in the woods. As long as you have access to the internet, you can make bets in real-time.

Mobile Sportsbook Apps: Usability

US mobile betting apps offer an optimal user experience to every bettor. The sportsbook wants to make the app as simple to use as possible. This way, even beginners can find their way around and place bets in minutes.

One advantage of downloading a betting app like Barstool is that you won’t have to log in every time you want to place a bet. Instead, you can fire up the app with one tap and start using it in seconds. Furthermore, the Barstool Sportsbook app is known for offering faster betting, hotkeys for quick action, and an easy-to-navigate interface with the sports markets and bet types clearly indicated.

Mobile Sportsbook Apps: Get Notifications On Your Device

Another impressive sportsbook app feature is the customizable notifications that US sportsbooks apps offer. For instance, downloading the FanDuel Sportsbook mobile app to your phone will allow you to turn on game notifications. These will pop on your screen and keep you informed every time a touchdown is scored in a game you’re interested in. 

It allows you to keep track of the result of a game in real-time without having to open the app. You can also customize the FanDuel Sportsbook app notification to keep you updated on your bets, special odds, bonuses, and other promotions.

In the debate between desktop vs mobile app betting, mobile apps clearly win in this segment, as they keep you informed of so many things in real-time. Knowing about changing scores as they happen allows you to make quick live bets and protect your stake by cashing out early. Ultimately, using a sportsbook mobile app can help you control your bankroll and ultimately save money.

Mobile Sportsbook Apps: Privacy

Many of us share our personal computers or laptops with other users – family members, colleagues, or others. Another reason to use a mobile sportsbook app is that it allows you to stay completely private and not share the device you bet on with anyone else.

By making bets on your mobile phone, your betting habits will stay completely private. It’s not to say that you have anything to hide. However, most bettors understandably prefer to keep their betting history and results private.

Why Do Some Bettors Prefer The Sportsbook Desktop Experience?

The discussion between desktop vs mobile betting is a matter of preference, with certain bettors preferring the following advantages when betting via desktop. Read on to learn the benefits of betting on desktop computers or laptops instead of on mobile devices.

Desktop: Larger Screens And Easier Use

Betting on sports on your desktop computer or laptop can be better in terms of sheer ease of use. Computers have larger screens than mobile phones or tablets, meaning you can see more picks, markets, and odds. This can lead to a better overview of the entire site.

Another perk of betting on your computer is that you get to use your keyboard and mouse to control your bets. Having more control of the betting site gives some bettors a sense of greater involvement. It can be more satisfying than having to tap on your small screen, keep zooming out, and losing focus on essential stats, etc.

Many legal sports betting apps offer live streaming of games. This way, you can bet as the game unfolds while watching the action in real-time. William Hill Sportsbook is one example of an app that offers extensive coverage of games streamed. Therefore, many William Hill bettors like to set up one screen to watch the game and another to follow the odds and place bets. This is one area of sports betting where a desktop client offers great advantages. 

Desktop: Full Access To The Site

Some sportsbook apps don’t offer full access to betting markets and bet types. This is another reason people prefer betting on desktop. You can usually find out if these features are provided in the app by visiting the sportsbook’s main website.

For example, the DraftKings betting app is undoubtedly high in quality. However, the number of total betting markets offered for some games is lower than what you can find on the site’s desktop version. For that reason, betting on the desktop site can be a good idea for those who want to have unlimited access to the bookmaker.

Desktop: Saving Mobile Data And Roaming Costs

Sportsbook apps use mobile data when you are not connected to wi-fi. While the portability is great, using too much data can result in additional costs from your mobile carrier. Depending on settings, apps can eat up mobile data even when closed. Because of this, using a mobile sportsbook app can result in additional charges, especially if you are roaming.

Live streaming is a service offered by some bookmakers, including BetMGM and Bet365. These services allow players to watch games live through the betting site, which is especially great for the less popular events that may not be available on TV. That said, streaming these using your mobile data can get expensive. Yet, streaming on your computer is included in most internet packages.

Desktop: Keep Your Mobile Phone Fully Charged

Using a computer to bet may help keep your phone fully charged. Mobile sportsbook apps can drain the phone battery, so betting on your computer will help with this aspect.

Of course, this is not a determining factor between desktop vs mobile betting, but it is something to consider. In the end, using both platforms occasionally is probably the best idea since both have their perks and downsides.

Which Experience Is Better For A New Or Casual Bettor?

When all things are considered, betting on mobile apps provides a superior experience to desktops. For new bettors especially, mobile apps have several perks that give them an overwhelming edge over desktop betting sites. This includes:

  • Accessibility: Mobile betting apps are quick and straightforward to use. You can install and app and place bets in just minutes. Betting on a small screen may not be as convenient, but it’s certainly handy to bet anywhere and anytime.
  • Speed: You can start making bets quickly on a mobile app and don’t have to wait until you get to a computer. Apps offer fast processing speed and better connectivity, and in many cases, perform faster. A sportsbook app is also one tap away instead of navigating and logging into the book’s site, making mobile apps superior for fast betting, especially during live games.
  • Better for live betting: Live sports betting is extremely enjoyable, but there is nothing fun about having to get up from watching the game, walk over to your computer, and place the bet you had in mind. Sportsbook apps allow you to bet live without getting up from your seat, which will enable you to never miss a single play on TV and makes in-play betting a lot more exciting. And for the ultimate live betting experience, many US bettors use sportsbook apps to bet from the stadium during game day.
  • Easier for sharing with friends: Mobile devices are made with social interaction and sharing in mind. Using a mobile sportsbook app can make it more fun to bet if your friends are betting as well. Sending each other reports and screenshots via various chat apps and social platforms is made easy with mobile sportsbooks. This is the final reason mobile betting prevails for casual sports betting fans.