How To Bet On A Sports Betting App

Learning how to bet on a sports betting app can sometimes strike as overwhelming. However, with varied sports selections framed under diverse betting markets, it’s easy to understand why sports betting is popular and entertaining. 

It’s important to have proper insight into a betting market and what bet types are available. This will always provide bettors with an edge as they approach betting, analysis, and both when applied to the world of sports. 


A moneyline bet is the easiest and simplest form of sports bet. Here, bettors are selecting which team will win in a specific matchup or sports event. Expert bettors recommend moneylines to all those entering the betting grid for the first time. Still, all bettors consider the moneyline as the basis to begin analyzing a potential result or outcome. 

Given that it’s an easy type of bet to make, most users favor it as it simplifies having to look at more complex bet types. It can also allow users to get a quick win, and the odds are very easy to understand. 

On the other hand, moneylines are not intended to be the most profitable types of bets as odds are arranged to favor the top team or player to win an event. That implies bettors can wager on the favorite team, yet they will only make a certain percentage of what they bet in return if they win. The risk is lower, yet earnings are not the highest.   


For spreads, bettors are looking at the margin of points by which a specific team will turn out with a win. For example, say one expected the Patriots to overcome the Steelers by a difference of at least five points. 

If bettors place a wager in favor of the favored team to win the game, they will make a return if the difference in points is over the selected amount. Point spreads are perfect for bettors keeping a close eye on details such as results, data, and recent stats that build a strong case in favor of the outcome. 

Point spreads allow bettors to engage with the analytical aspect of placing a wager and even allow some to take trends into account and modify their wager based on recent results. They will also allow bettors to engage with a fundamental aspect of all sports games and scores. 

Understanding spreads is, therefore, quite simple. 

Still, given that spread will also point to a specific winner, risk tends to be lower than other bet types. Also, bettors must proportionally increase their wagers to record a solid return. 


Over/Under bets, also known as totals, are another way bettors can dive deep into numbers and scores. Over/under bets are calculated by summing the total number of points predicted to be scored during a specific match. Bettors can then bet on whether the total sum of the game’s actual outcome will hit either under or over the estimate posted by the bookie. 

Totals are a bit tougher to grasp than money lines or spreads. Still, they allow all bettors to consider both sides of the game. Here, folks are not just wagering on one side to take a victory but on both teams recording a specific number of points. Therefore, this type of bet is popular for fans who like to dig deep into both sides of the court or the field. 

Totals allow bettors to engage with their sporting events from an analytical scope and make the most of their money. Over/under bets can also allow bettors to make some money while reducing the risk compared to other bets. However, over and under are not the most portable alternative sportsbook betting markets. 

An additional difficulty level is added to the mix as bettors must now analyze the game from two opposite sides. This last point implies that the performance of both teams will have a direct impact on the scoreboard and, therefore, on the wager placed by bettors. 


Parlays are one of the unique types of bets that test one’s skills at making the most of an available betting market. Parlays allow fans to pick a series of bets and place them all on one ticket. Bettors will then make a unique wager linked to all bets placed. This sets the tone for one of two scenarios. 

If one of the bets linked to the parlay loses, then the parlay is lost. However, if all bets are successful, the original wager is multiplied by the successful outcomes resulting from each win. 

Parlays are particularly interesting for all bettors looking for a challenge. Nailing a series of bets is no easy task and will always take some amplified level of analysis, thought, and confidence. Therefore, Parlays are an excellent alternative to keep bettors interested and hooked to their betting sprees by making each wager a challenge to overtake. 

Still, the odds of nailing a win are exponentially reduced as a bettor increases the number of legs in a parlay. This same action, however, will also increment the payout. This is a double-sided dilemma by one of the most popular bet types in the sports betting market. 


When it comes to futures, bettors are looking at potential outcomes that will take place in the medium to long term. Here, bettors predict which teams or players will turn out with a championship title or league recognition with a season award. Futures allow all bettors to make a pick on their top selections that will end events or seasons with the highest numbers. 

Futures are genuinely for all bettors as they encourage fans to focus on their analytical capabilities applied to the pre-season stages. Bettors are recommended to place their wagers as early as they possibly can. This can be right before the kickoff of an event. 

This will guarantee that they will be able to make the most of the odds on each specific team or player. The upside to futures is that bettors can genuinely make a solid win if they come out with a successful pick. Depending on the team or player they choose, some odds will multiply the player’s earnings by a significant amount. 

Futures are also risky as they will be determined by an ample series of factors that players cannot consider until the season starts. Also, the more bettors decide to withhold placing their wagers on futures, the less reward the payout will be. 


Props are the most exciting type of bets fans can opt for. Here, bettors can wager on the number of points specific teams will score in a quarter or even guess how many points individual players will finish at the end of a game. Props break down the betting world into a series of microbes that keep the entire dynamic of placing a wager unique and entertaining. 

Props are for all bettors looking for something different that is not the usual moneyline or point spread. The upside is that even expert bettors find props the most amusing and exciting types of bets in the market. 

The downside is that some of these bets are truly difficult to hit. With high earning potential comes low probability. Experts recommend that users gradually engage with props and enjoy the thrill of wagering on a very particular event. 

Live/In-Game Betting

Live betting has become one of the newest and hottest trends. This dynamic allows all bettors to wager on specific events of the game. The challenge is that bettors can wager on the outcome of the next play. 

Suppose a bettor believes that the game’s next play results in a first-and-ten for the favorite football team on the field. Players can place the bet almost right away and record a win instantly.

Bettors who are true fans of the sports will enjoy these bets as it welcomes all viewers to keep a close eye on every single play of a sporting event. The upside to live betting is that bettors can place multiple wagers throughout the game, which are recorded in real-time. 

That means bettors will not have to wait until the end of a specific event to request a payout. Still, live betting requires attention to detail and an effort by all bettors to keep a close eye on the entire event. In addition, some bettors might not be the biggest fans of the sport, and therefore live betting might not be their top alternative.