US legal sportsbook apps offer bettors a variety of wagers. You can select bets based on your knowledge, interest, and teams you support. Because of the endless choices, it can be hard to find the bets you want. To help, our betting experts wrote this complete guide that covers all the most popular sportsbook app bet types. 

Betting on sports is a great way to get involved in the game and back your team. You can even turn your passion into a small profit. With sports betting apps now legal in many US states, it doesn’t take a lot to get started. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection. If you are old enough to gamble and in a state where sports betting is legal, you can download a sportsbook app to start placing bets in minutes. It’s safe, fun, and 100% legal.

Once you decide which type of bet you’d like to place, go ahead and visit our offers page. Here, you will find the best legal sportsbook apps in your state as well as bonuses, free bets, and more promotions to get you started.

Sportsbook App Bet Types: Moneyline

What Is A Moneyline Bet?

One of the most popular ways to bet on sports is on the moneyline. This is a simple sportsbook app bet type. All you need to do is choose whichever team you believe will win the game.

Moneyline bets are set up with the favorite team (or player) being the most likely to win and listed with a minus (-) sign. The underdog team on the moneyline is predicted to lose while being represented by a plus (+) sign.

Moneyline bets are easy: you have an underdog, favorite. All you need to do is pick the winning side. 

Which Bettors Like Moneyline Bets?

Moneyline bets are an excellent introduction to sports betting for newcomers, just starting with legal sports betting apps. Many rookie bettors back their favorite team, even if it’s the underdog. Experienced bettors also love moneylines because it’s a classic way to bet without too much to think about. They can earn a steady profit with this bet type as well.

You can place moneyline bets can be placed on pretty much any sport. In fact, you’ve likely been a part of a moneyline wager without even knowing it. If you’ve ever bet with a friend on which team you think is going to win a game, then you’ve made a moneyline bet.

Good Things About Moneyline Bets

When placing moneyline bets, you won’t have to worry about the final score or win margin. All you need to do is predict the winner of the game you’re interested in, install a sportsbook app and place a moneyline bet. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get even more stake in the sport you love.

Downsides To Moneyline Bets

One downside of moneyline bets is that they can be pretty limited, giving bettors very little room for error. You only have one of three potential outcomes (win, lose or tie), so even though it is a simple way to bet on sports, it limits your options.

One of the more considerable downsides of moneyline bets is when betting on favorites, you will need to put down more money than they will stand to win or more money than other forms of betting. It can sometimes put people off because it’s difficult to justify spending money when other forms of sports betting are less expensive and carry better odds.

Sportsbook App Bet Types: Spread

What Is A Spread Bet?

Spread betting is a slightly more complicated sportsbook app bet type. The main goal in spread betting is to wager on the margin of win of a game. The bettor will need to choose the spread that the sportsbook created for the game. Then, the team you’ve chosen will need to cover the spread for you to win the bet.

The sportsbook operators create the point spread hoping to get equal action on both sides of the game. A certain number of points will favor the more robust team (or player) (depending on the predicted gap between the two competitors). The favorite carries a minus (-) sign, and the underdog carries a plus (+) sign.

Which Bettors Like Spread Bets?

Spread bets are growing in popularity with US bettors that are using legal betting apps. Traditionally, point spreads are most common with higher-scoring sports like basketball and football. Many rookie bettors try to avoid spread bets because they’re perceived as too complicated. However, they are very popular amongst experienced bettors.

Good Things About Spread Bets

A good thing about spread bets is that the range is usually narrow, making them less risky than other betting forms (especially if you’re betting on the favorite). Also, the bettor will get points on underdogs, meaning that they can win a bet even if the team they picked lost the game. Spreads are the perfect way to reward the bettor for a higher level of accuracy, increasing the overall value of the bet.

Downsides To Spread Bets

There are some downsides to spread bets that you should note. First, spread bets are a little more complicated because there are more variables to consider, so you’ll need to pay more attention to the game predictions. Also, you’ll have to be aware of when the team you back takes the lead in a game. You should then consider the decisions and game strategy that will follow.

Sportsbook App Bet Types: Parlay

What Is A Parlay Bet?

Parlay bets are a slightly more complex betting form, which carries mixed reviews across the legal betting community. While most American bettors love parlays, some stay away from them. A parlay bet combines a few straight bets (2 or more) into a single wager. As a parlay combines multiple bets, it can include: point spreads, money lines, totals, futures, or even prop bets, as long as you place each bet on a different game.

It’s important to remember that with more bets on a single ticket, more things can go wrong. If you lose even one segment, the whole parlay bet loses.

Which Bettors Like Parlay Bets?

The biggest reason for bettors to choose a parlay is the idea of winning a larger payout for their stake. This form of betting also attracts many gamblers because it offers flexibility to bet on multiple teams. On average, your win rate for parlay bets will be a lot lower than on individual wagers like moneyline or spread bets. So, you should never invest too much energy (and money) into parlay betting in the long term. That’s especially true if you are a beginner to this concept. 

Good Things About Parlay Bets

Parlay betting is a high-risk, high-reward style of sports betting designed to attract the bettor with more profit potential, increased excitement, and long-term interest in multiple sporting events.

Downsides To Parlay Bets

While the idea of big paybacks for small stakes sounds exciting, there are also risks to parlay.  Parlay betting gives the excitement that all bettors love, but all your hard work of researching and hand-picking bets can end in an early loss. Remember: if you have a loss early in your parlay, you can kiss the whole bet goodbye, as every pick must come in as a win for the parlay bet to payout. 

Sportsbook App Bet Types: Over/Under

What Is An Over/Under Bet?

Over/under betting is another popular way to wager on sports in US betting apps. When placing an over/under bet, you wager on the total points you think both teams (or players) will score in a game. Unlike other forms of betting that make you pick a side, over/under bets let you bet on both teams.

As the name suggests, you’re betting on whether the total score at the end of the game will be over or under the total number posted by the sportsbook. For example, if a football game has an over/under of 49.5, then the total score of the two teams will need to be greater than 49.5 for you to win the bet, assuming you bet the over. 

If you predict the game will have high scores, bet the over. In the example above, if you bet on an NFL game, it doesn’t matter if the Pittsburgh Steelers win 43-7 or the New England Patriots win 26-24. Your over bet will win in both cases because the total score is higher than 49.5. Over/under bets (or totals) are one of the more popular types of bets because all you need is simple math and an account at a legal US sportsbook app.

Which Bettors Like Over/Under Bets?

Over/under bets are more popular with high-scoring sports, like basketball and football, but US sportsbook apps offer them on many other types of sports. Over/unders are a fantastic alternative to some of the more complex wagers. They are perfect if you don’t feel like choosing a winner in a game.

Totals are also ideal for bettors who don’t have a favorite on either side, and they would rather make an educated guess about the final score. There are plenty of games throughout a season in which you don’t know who’s going to win, but you know that it’s going to be a high-scoring or low-scoring game. Over/under bets are perfect for these moments.

Good Things About Over/Under Bets

If you’re the type of player to bet the over, then you’re hoping for a red-hot offensive game. If you bet the under, you want to see a game where both teams are defending while playing conservative on offense.

Over/under bets are easy to place, and the payout structure is super easy to understand. It’s a popular option for inexperienced bettors, especially if you don’t feel like putting all your money behind one team.

Downsides To Over/Under Bets

The simple structure makes totals popular with both rookies and experienced sportsbook app users. However, the basic design of this bet type also limits the potential to win in other ways. When you look at different sportsbook app bet types, you’ll see that even if the team you staked didn’t win, you could still profit in other ways.

Also, while it seems super simple to make an over/under bet, it’s essential to keep in mind that sportsbooks come up with odds by reviewing each team’s history, trends, and previous meetings (as well as some other factors). So, this means that you will need to keep up with a lot of knowledge and facts to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Sportsbook App Bet Types: Futures

What Is A Future Bet?

Future bets are another fun way to bet on sports. As the name suggests, when placing a future bet, you will wager on something that you believe will happen. Usually, you won’t find a future bet on a close event like tomorrow night’s game. US sportsbook apps offer future bets on events that can happen months down the line.

Futures can include betting on who will win the NFL’s Super Bowl, MLB’s World Series, or NHL’s Stanley Cup. You can also make future bets on regular-season awards and much more. For example, you can bet on which player will win, such as winning the league or game MVP award.

Future bets are available in nearly every legal sportsbook app in the US. So it won’t be hard to find a bookmaker that has your sport available.

Which Bettors Like Future Bets?

Since we usually place future bets at the beginning of the season, you will need to know the sport and understand all the potential outcomes. Many things can happen during the regular season. For example, there is a change of coaches, trading for a key player, or an unfortunate injury to a star player. Many of these can be unpredictable.

Future bets will tie you down for the long term, so we don’t recommend futures to players who prefer daily action or those with a limited bankroll.

Good Things About Future Bets

Future bets are a terrific way to bet on sports and make a profit while enjoying the game you love, especially if you have a good reason to believe that a specific team (or player) is going to perform well. It also means that you can lock in your odds early and have great potential earnings. Even if the odds fluctuate throughout the season, the odds given to you when you placed the initial future wager are still valid. So, there are definitely advantages to future bets.

Downsides To Future Bets

Your money is tied down for the entire duration of the bet. Sometimes that spans for a couple of months or an entire year. This can be a significant disadvantage depending on the size of your bankroll and personal preferences. It’s best to budget and plan ahead when placing future bets.

Sportsbook App Bet Types: Props

What Is A Prop Bet?

When placing a prop (or proposition) wager, you will bet on whether an event will happen or not. It is usually a bet on a specific event within a game. Examples of prop bets can be how many three-point shots a basketball player makes in a game, how many yards an NFL player rushes, who will score first, or will a game go into overtime.

When most people think of prop bets, two types come to mind: skilled prop bets and prop bets for fun. Skilled prop bets require a lot more attention, knowledge, and experience. They typically come in the form of either player prop bets or game prop bets.

The other form of prop bets is simply done for fun and has nothing to do with the outcome of an event within the game. This typically includes bets like who will win the coin toss, what color the Gatorade will be in, or how long it takes to sing the national anthem.

Which Bettors Like Prop Bets?

Proposition betting attracts bettors from all over, with many experienced gamblers often referring to them as side bets. They can sometimes be random, but prop bets also present a fun way to put your knowledge of the game to the test.

Player and game props can provide a challenge for even the more experienced bettors, as you’ll have to know the player’s (or team’s) history, tendencies, and style of play. If you’re not confident in your knowledge of the game and simply looking for a wacky-yet-fun way to get in on sports betting, then prop bets are the best choice.

Good Things About Prop Bets?

Prop bets are entertaining to play around with, and they’re straightforward to bet on without needing to spend too much time or money. Plus, US sportsbook apps list props with moneyline odds, and some sporting events even have multiple prop betting opportunities.

Prop bets add another layer of excitement to the games and help get even the most casual fans hooked on the match. Some view this as the perfect side bet for experienced gamblers and the ideal entry-level betting experience for rookies.

Downsides To Prop Bets

Prop bets come with many exciting benefits, but they also come with some drawbacks. Most notably, it’s tough to predict winners without doing thorough research and taking the time to understand trends and inside information. This is why single-game betting is more common for consistent profits. 

Also, sportsbooks typically use entertainment and political props as marketing tools to attract the average bettor into placing a wager with minimal knowledge on the actual event. If you genuinely want to succeed with prop bets in the long term, take the time to learn the specifics of certain sporting events.

Sportsbook App Bet Types: Live Betting

What Is Live Betting?

Live betting can be the most exciting and engaging form of betting offered in US legal sports betting apps. Unlike all other types of wagers placed before the game starts, you can make live bets during the game.

The technology that powers mobile sportsbook apps had a massive impact and created many new wagering opportunities. When placing live bets through a betting app, you will find odds and bets are constantly changing throughout the game. For example, while watching a soccer match, you can bet on which team will score the next goal. The odds of the same soccer game are constantly shifting depending on where the money is being placed. Similar to other forms of sports betting, live betting involves a lot of luck, but knowledge and experience can also help.

Which Bettors Like Live Betting?

Live betting is perfect for bettors who enjoy the daily excitement of sports betting and want the thrill of making decisions quickly throughout the game. Live betting is popular in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and International soccer.

Good Things About Live Betting

Live betting allows the bettor to take advantage of their natural feel and intuition within the game while it’s playing out. Sportsbooks rely on computers to generate their odds, while the algorithm incorporates a massive amount of data. Despite that, a computer doesn’t have the human eye and intuition. Live betting allows you to take control of the situation and sense the subtleties within the game that can dramatically shift the momentum.

Also, live betting enables you to take advantage of unexpected errors and events. For example, a good team could fall behind early, or a boxer can wear down his opponent after a few rounds. It allows you to jump in on the action based on observations rather than “what the numbers say.” Importantly, when you jump into a game while it’s playing out, the entertainment value is epic.

Another great thing about live betting is the early cash-out option that many US sportsbook apps offer. If the game isn’t going the way you predicted, you can cash out before the final whistle. Although you will usually not get all your stakes back, it’s still a great way to cut losses. Visit our offers pages to find the best sports betting apps that offer live betting in your state.

Downsides To Live Betting

Nothing is perfect, and live betting also comes with a few negatives compared to other bets offered in US sportsbook apps. Because you are placing bets while the game is in progress, there’s a good chance your emotions will come into play, especially if you support one teams on the field. Emotional betting almost always results in something negative.

With live betting, you won’t have the time to sit back and reflect on what went wrong with your last pick. Instead, you’ll be busy looking at the odds again and immediately deciding what to wager on next. Another pressurized situation can lead to another loss.