The path to legalizing Arizona sports betting proved to be a long and tedious process. Sen. Sonny Borrelli and Rep. Steve Pierce introduced bills in the Senate and House in 2019.

Those bills failed, as did their second attempt in 2020, but the third time’s a charm, and on March 4, 2021, HB2772 made it through the House. The Senate passed it with a 23-6 vote count. Three days later, Gov. Doug Ducey signed the bill into law. This put Arizona on the path to become a sports betting state. 

The Arizona betting bill also authorized Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and crucially included a new tribal compact, which the Bureau of Indian Affairs approved on May 25, 2021. Authorities in the state are working on the regulations and licensing process. They hope to have the new AZ online gambling sector running prior to the 2021 NFL Season.

Legal Sports Betting in Arizona

The Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG) will oversee the regulations for the new sector. Here’s what we know so far about the rules for Arizona sports betting:

  • Up to ten mobile and retail licenses are available for tribal operators.
  • Up to ten licenses for professional sports teams and stadiums.
  • A ban on individual prop bets for college athletes.
  • Minimum age of 21 for sports betting.

The ADG also sets license fees and annual renewal fees for Arizona sportsbook operators and details their tax contributions. It has been a tricky issue in many states, so operators must study the details carefully before applying for a license to set up their Arizona sportsbook apps.

Arizona Sports Betting Operators

We don’t yet know the complete list of Arizona sportsbook apps that will eventually be available. Still, some operators are already warming up on the sidelines and inking deals with AZ partners.

FanDuel Sportsbook AZ

  • Overview: FanDuel is one of the biggest sports betting operators in the US because of its nationwide DFS operations that started before the legalization of sports betting.
  • Features: Like in other states where the FanDuel app is live, FanDuel Arizona will offer players a shared wallet so they can seamlessly manage their DFS and sportsbook bets.
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Caesars Sportsbook AZ

  • Overview: Caesars Sportsbook and Casino is a reputable staple within the gambling industry. Known for their award-winning Las Vegas location, bettors can now access this renowned sportsbook in Arizona.
  • Features: The Caesars app offers good coverage of US sports along with plenty of lucrative promotions. However, their live betting feature is lacking. 
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DraftKings Sportsbook AZ

  • Overview: Like FanDuel, DraftKings made its name as a DFS operator and used it as a launching pad for its sportsbook business.
  • Features: DraftKings Arizona offers some of the most innovative features in the market. Its betting carousel is a spinning-wheel feature that appears on the DraftKings app and provides players with betting suggestions based on their wagering interests and history. In addition, they have some of the best odds in the industry.
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BetMGM Sportsbook AZ

  • Overview: BetMGM, the online brand of MGM International, launched its online platforms in various US states and is also a frontrunner with its AZ sports betting app.
  • Features: In all the states it operates, the BetMGM app offers big, risk-free bet welcome bonuses. Needless to say, this attracts bettors of all experience levels.
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WynnBET Sportsbook AZ

  • Overview: WynnBET is another likely candidate, currently operating in five states across the US and planning to launch in many more newly regulated locations.
  • Features: Known for its large sign-up bonuses and easy-to-use sports betting platform, WynnBET is a popular addition to the roster of Arizona sportsbook apps.
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William Hill Sportsbook AZ

  • Overview: Founded as a British-based sportsbook, Caesars Entertainment recently bought William Hill. The pedigree of both well-known operators shines throughout the William Hill Sportsbook MI app.
  • Features: As one of the world’s biggest and longest-standing sportsbooks, William Hill brings plenty of experience to the table. They offer AZ bettors excellent sports coverage and outstanding live-betting ranges.
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Barstool Sportsbook AZ

  • Overview: Through its partnership with Penn National, Barstool Sports is a fast-growing sportsbook operator that is also one of Arizona’s leading sportsbooks.
  • Features: The Barstool Sportsbook AZ app is reliable with competitive odds and excellent market coverage.
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How to Gamble Legally in Arizona

The regulators in Arizona have used the experience of other states when setting up the Arizona sportsbook division. It brings a safe and convenient sports betting environment. If you are over the age of 21 and within the state of Arizona, you can set up your sports betting account.

Follow these easy steps to get started in minutes:

  • Browse our list of recommended Arizona sportsbook apps.
  • Choose an app that suits your needs.
  • Sign-up by filling out the online form.
  • Choose your preferred banking method from the sportsbook cashier page.
  • Make your initial deposit and claim your welcome bonus.
  • Choose your preferred sport and betting market.
  • Make your bet by filling out the online bet slip.

Arizona Mobile Sports Betting

The online technology that makes sports betting possible has developed rapidly in the last few years. Because of this, any bettor who uses online betting apps in Arizona will enjoy a quick and easy betting experience.

All the Arizona sports betting apps use HTML5 technology to produce a betting platform that is safe. You can access these betting services by downloading an app or by using your mobile browser. They optimize all Arizona sportsbook apps to provide constant connectivity and responsive access to betting markets and services, whether you use an iOS or Android device.

If you’re looking for betting apps in Arizona, you can download them from the Google Play or Apple App Store or the sportsbook’s mobile web page. But the easiest way would be through our offers pages, where you can find all links and information in one place.

Betting on Arizona Sports

Sports betting apps in Arizona present residents with numerous betting opportunities on a wide range of sports.

Arizona online sports betting allows you to bet on sports around the world, including golf, boxing, motorsport, soccer, tennis, rugby, and MMA. Of course, you can bet on all major professional sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) as well.

Arizona has a team in all four of the leading US professional leagues. The Arizona Cardinals are part of the NFL, Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB), Arizona Coyotes (NHL), and the Phoenix Suns (NBA) all have a massive following in the state. Arizona is also home to the WNBA-dominating Phoenix Mercury, who has won three WNBA titles.

Arizona NFL Betting

For the NFL, there’s only one team within the state. The Arizona Cardinals currently play out of Phoenix. Founded in 1898 as the Morgan Athletic Club from Chicago, they moved to St. Louis before finally settling in the suburbs of Phoenix, AZ.

The Cardinals have won seven Divisional titles, along with the 2008 NFC Championship. However, Arizona hasn’t won a Super Bowl. They came close but ultimately lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII.

The Cardinals hold the most influence in Arizona. However, there’s a powerful pocket of Dallas Cowboys fans in the eastern part of the state. You can also find Denver Broncos supporters in northern Arizona. The LA Rams and Chargers, who have a cluster of fans in the western part of the state, also attract the interest of bettors on Arizona sportsbook apps.

NFL is one of the biggest betting segments in the US and beyond. Being a game that lasts around four hours on average, fans love in-play betting that allows them to bet on the action as it happens.

Arizona NBA Betting

The Phoenix Suns represent Arizona in the NBA. The Suns play in the Western Conference Pacific Division, serving as the only team non-California team in that division.

Phoenix has never won the NBA Championship, but they’ve had plenty of rewarding moments as a franchise. This includes a trip to the NBA Finals in 1976. In the mid-1990s, a string of great players like Charles Barkley and Steve Nash led them to one Conference and two Divisional Titles. Their recent run to the NBA Finals in 2021 gives fans optimism that an NBA Championship is on the way.

As with the NFL, the Suns have the state of Arizona to themselves. However, there are plenty of Los Angeles Lakers fans in Arizona, and they looking to bet on the Lakers through Arizona sports betting apps. There is also a lot of love for the Utah Jazz and the Denver Nuggets in Arizona.

Arizona MLB Betting

The Arizona Diamondbacks are the only MLB franchise in the state. Based out of Phoenix, they play out of Chase Park in the National League West Division. One of the newest franchises in the MLB, the Diamondbacks made history by beating the New York Yankees in the 2001 World Series. This made them the fastest MLB franchise to win a championship.

The Diamondbacks dominate MLB conversations throughout the state of Arizona. Still, the LA Dodgers draw plenty of support in the west, and baseball bettors will wager plenty of money on that franchise through AZ sportsbooks. Another West Division rival, the Colorado Rockies, also attracts some fans in eastern and northern Arizona.

Arizona NHL Betting

Founded in 1972, the Coyotes, originally named the Winnipeg Jets, were one of the original teams of the World Hockey Association before joining the NHL in 1979. Financial struggles and lack of success pushed the franchise to relocate to Phoenix in 1996. The Coyotes originally played in the West Division before moving to the Central Division ahead of the 2021-22 season.

The Coyotes have a big following throughout the state, and there will be plenty of local interest in betting on them using betting apps in Arizona. Bettors in the state will also be interested in the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Other regional teams like the LA Kings, Colorado Avalanche, and San Jose Sharks have their share of support in AZ online gambling.

Arizona College and High School Betting

Betting on college sports events was once a controversial issue. Perhaps the biggest objection to sports betting by the pro sports leagues was the possibility of damaging the integrity of college sports. States have addressed this concern by setting restrictions on betting associated with college events, though these vary from state to state.

According to the bill that introduced sports betting to the state, bettors using Arizona sportsbook apps can bet on college sports. It will be a more liberal betting regime than seen in some states, which have banned betting on all college events within state borders.

The exception is individual prop bets on college athletes. For example, you won’t be able to bet on a particular player to score over 12 points in a basketball game. This exception does not include season-long performance markets, like the Heisman Trophy.

Arizona Major Sports Partnerships

For decades, professional sports leagues opposed any form of sports betting. However, the legalization of sports betting in May 2018 changed the consensus, and today the NFL and other major leagues are embracing legal sports betting to get more fans engaged. A host of franchises and sports organizations subsequently signed up with betting operators throughout the country, and the same is happening in Arizona.

FanDuel made the most eye-catching deal with a major sports franchise. The sportsbook and DFS operator signed up with the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. The deal means that FanDuel can operate a sportsbook retail operation at the 18,000-seat Phoenix Suns Arena in downtown Phoenix while also offering online sports betting throughout the state.

The other major DFS operator in the US, DraftKings, has made an interesting deal outside of the four major leagues by linking up with the PGA Tour. They will provide an online AZ sportsbook, as well as a retail betting venue at TPC Scottsdale. This course hosts the famous Waste Management Phoenix Open every year, which features the raucous 16th hole, giving DraftKings extensive exposure.

Finally, the Arizona Diamondbacks struck a deal with Caesars Entertainment. It’s an extensive ten-year deal, calling Caesars to provide a retail sports betting facility at Chase Field. This physical sportsbook would be open every day, not just on game days.

Sports Betting Bonuses Available in Arizona

The US sports betting industry is extremely competitive. To attract new customers, Arizona sportsbooks offer generous welcome bonuses. Some of these bonuses are exclusive to new players, but they can also serve recurring visitors. Sportsbook bonuses in Arizona come in a variety of forms, which include:

  • Welcome Offer: This is the most common sportsbook bonus. The welcome offer can be a risk-free bet or significant deposit bonus. It’s a one-time bonus exclusive to new bettors. 
  • Sign-Up Bonus: This bonus is given to new players when they sign up and register with an app. As soon as the sign-up is complete, the bonus is credited to your account.
  • Deposit Bonus: This is the most common welcome promotion. This bonus is awarded when you make a deposit and typically a match bonus: the sportsbook will match your deposit amount to a maximum level.
  • Risk-Free Bets: Another popular promotion is risk-free betting. Here’s how it works: Place a wager online. If the bet wins, you receive the money from that bet. If the bet loses, you’ll receive a refund.
  • Parlay Insurance: If one of your picks doesn’t come through when placing a parlay bet, the sportsbook will cover your losses.
  • Odds Boost: The sportsbook will improve odds on specific markets, giving you a better payout if your bet wins.
  • Event Bonus: Big events like the Super Bowl provide immense opportunities for sportsbooks to win new players. Because of this, they often give free bets or other bonuses to those who bet on the event. 
  • Loyalty Rewards: Be rewarded for the amount of money you spend on the site. Loyal members receive access to special bonuses, prize draws, and competitions. The more you play, the better the offers available to you. 

Arizona Sports Betting Safety and Trustworthiness

The rules for sports betting apps in Arizona are consistent, fair, and airtight.

Arizona sportsbook apps are regulated by the Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG). The ADG handles drawing and finalizing the Arizona betting rules, handling all licensing issues, and making sure that all Arizona sports betting apps follow the rules.

Sports betting operators need to undergo extensive background checks to get a license to operate an AZ online gambling platform. They also must assure the ADG that they can meet the requirements of the regulations in several areas, from data security to financial viability. In addition, there is constant regulation and consequences in place to ensure that the rules are followed, including fines, license suspensions, and other penalties.

Players who sign up to Arizona sportsbook apps are also protected by a rule that mandates that all Arizona sportsbook operators keep ring-fenced accounts. It guarantees that the operators can always pay winnings to bettors, no matter the operator’s financial state.

Arizona Sports Betting FAQs

Sports betting can be a complicated area for newcomers. To help answer potential questions, we listed five common questions about Arizona sports betting apps:

What sports bets are legal in Arizona?

You can bet on most sports with Arizona sportsbook apps. It includes the full roster of bet types, including money line bets, parlays, spreads, in-play, prop bets, and betting pools. From athletics to volleyball, every sport is available, along with in-depth coverage of top US leagues.

Can I bet on college sports in Arizona?

Yes. Arizona sports betting apps allow betting on college sports. This type of betting is heavily restricted in many states. Still, in Arizona, you can bet on any aspect of a college sports event, except for individual prop bets on college athletes.

Can I also bet on sports in person in Arizona?

Yes. Some states, like Tennessee, only offer online betting. However, you can bet in person at land-based casinos and sportsbook venues in addition to using Arizona sportsbook apps. Furthermore, BetMGM and a few other AZ operators are in talks with different sports teams to set up sportsbooks in stadiums. Specifically, BetMGM and the Arizona Diamondbacks are discussing the launch of sports betting venue at Diamondbacks’ Chase Field.

Are more sportsbook apps coming to Arizona?

Probably. The sports betting sector in Arizona allows for up to ten sportsbook betting licenses to be issued. That means that new sportsbook operators will likely continue to launch in the state until that total is reached. More provisions for new licenses will be given once the first ten are running.

How do I make a complaint with a legal sportsbook app in Arizona?

The best way to start your complaint against a legal sportsbook is to go directly to the sportsbook operator through email or other contact methods. If this does not resolve the dispute, you can go to the ADG, which regulates Arizona sportsbook apps.